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20 April 2021 - 22 April 2021
EUCAD 2021

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While the deployment of connected automated vehicle (CAV) turns into reality, its acceptance has been called into question. Societal issues regarding public acceptance, user awareness and ethics become priority concerns. The approach based on the technology push, jeopardizes social viability of CAV, as it creates a gap between the technical reliability and public acceptance.

SUaaVE will solve this gap by leaning on a Human-Driven Design (HDD) approach, enhancing synergies social science, human factors and automotive market by means of an iterative process of assessment, co-design and prototyping. Participatory process will involve above 4.000 users (passengers, traditional and future drivers) and 100 experts and stakeholders along the project.

 The main outcomes will be:

- A new paradigm of automation: ALFRED -Automation L4+ Reliable Empathic Driver-, that will “colour the decision-making processes of the CAV with human emotions”.

- An immersive Virtual Human Centred Design (V-HCD) platform, allowing the simulation of CAV focused on Human factors to assess their acceptance.

- Guidelines to support Public Authorities, representing a breakthrough in the public acceptance of future CAVs for both the society and, in particular, for all road users.


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