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20 April 2021 - 22 April 2021
EUCAD 2021

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Autonomous Vehicle (AV) trials are currently taking place worldwide and Europe has a key role in the development of relevant technology. Yet, limited research exists regarding the wider implications of the deployment of such vehicles on existing road networks and infrastructure, since it is unclear if and when the transition period will start and be concluded.

It is anticipated that improved road safety and increased accessibility will constitute the primary benefits of the widespread use of AVs, whilst co-benefits may also include reduced energy consumption, improved air quality or better use of urban space. Therefore, the focus of WISE-ACT is on observed and anticipated future mobility trends and implications on travel behaviour, namely car sharing, travel time use, privacy concerns and employment implications to name a few. Other important issues to be explored under different deployment scenarios are specific social, ethical, institutional and business impacts.

WISE-ACT objectives are achieved by culminating co-operation between a wide range of stakeholders at a local, national and international level, including academics and practitioners. Key outputs through co-ordinated activities include an edited book, two Special Issues, individual county reports and a large international survey. Consequently, WISE-ACT facilitates collaboration among 200 experts among 42 countries in Europe and beyond about this emerging topic of global interest.

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  • Video 1
    Prof. Maria Attard is an experienced COST Action participant and explains how WISE-ACT contributes in understanding the implications of Autonomous and Connected Transport, particularly in car dependent places such as Malta.

  • Video 2
    WISE-ACT Chair Dr. Nikolas Thomopoulos gave a public lecture at the Institute for Technology and Society of Rio de Janeiro, which was followed up by a response of the ITS Executive Director Dr Fabro Steibel and a lively debate with members of the public. Issues covered revolved around data management and ethics, informing participants about the opportunities and challenges of ACT for Europe and Brazil. This event was organised within the Varandas series of the Institute for Technology and Society.



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