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20 April 2021 - 22 April 2021
EUCAD 2021

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About us

The Mobility.E Lighthouse of the ECSEL JU is a networking and collaboration platform serving to connect stakeholders along and beyond the automotive value chain, bringing together the Electronic Components and Systems (ECS) and application side as well as non-technical experts to ensure European competitiveness for Electric, Connected and Automated (ECA) mobility and to meet the demands of the 2030 customer.

The COSMOS project supports the Lighthouse with a strategy development process (including the prioritisation of research topics) and network support activities.

The following projects are part of the Mobility.E Lighthouse: AutoDrive, ENABLE S3, BRAVE, interACT, TrustVehicle, PRYSTINE, SECREDAS, NewControl, VALU3S, ArchitectECA2030, 1000kmPLUS, InSecTT and COREnect.

Mobility.E Projects

Video section

  • AutoDrive on YouTube

  • ENABLE S3 on YouTube

  • BRAVE on YouTube

  • interACT on YouTube

  • TrustVehicle on YouTube

  • PRYSTINE on YouTube

  • VALU3S on YouTube

  • InSecTT on YouTube

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