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20 April 2021 - 22 April 2021
EUCAD 2021

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About us

ESRIUM is fostering greener and smarter road usage, road maintenance, and road safety. The key innovation will be a homogeneous, accurate and recent digital map of road surface damage and road wear. ESRIUM’s core proposition is a data platform, which hosts highly detailed EGNSS-referenced map data of road damage and associated safety risks at centimeter-level resolution. Thanks to the information contained in this “road wear map”, road operators will be able to lower the road maintenance effort by optimal planning and increase traffic safety especially for heavy vehicles. Considering the market introduction of partly automated truck fleets, the precise track of these vehicles can be adjusted by communicating precise routing recommendations in- and cross-lane. Truck fleet operators following these recommendations can increase the general safety for their vehicle fleet. Especially with the increasing levels of autonomy, systems will utilize infrastructure support to handle the requirements of the automated driving task and additional external requests. In ESRIUM, these opportunities are addressed by utilizing C-ITS infrastructure and EGNSS based localization in planning the trajectories of such automated vehicles. Reliable locatization information of road damages and of the vehicles using the roads is provided by Galileo, European global satellite-based navigation system.


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