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20 April 2021 - 22 April 2021
EUCAD 2021

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About us

Zenzic is leading the move to a self-driving future. By enabling, industry, government and academia to come together, we are shaping the connected and self-driving ecosystem and establishing the UK as a world leader.


Video section

  • Video 1: CAM Testbed UK: Connected Video Series
    The Connected Video Series showcases the UK’s comprehensive and coordinated connectivity testing capabilities for connected and self-driving vehicle technologies.

  • Video 2: Interoperable simulation across CAM Testbed UK
    Interoperable simulation will create a seamless experience for testing across CAM Testbed UK and enable the testbeds to multiply capabilities.

  • Video 3: Zenzic CAM Scale-Up programme
    The CAM Scale-Up programme, run in partnership with Plug and Play, offers SMEs the chance to demonstrate their products and capabilities across CAM Testbed UK.
    Link: Will be available soon


Additional resources

  • Discover CAM Testbed UK
    With six core facilities, CAM Testbed UK offers a unique set of environments and capabilities for the testing and development of connected and self-driving vehicle technologies and services.



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