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20 April 2021 - 22 April 2021
EUCAD 2021

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Launched in October 2017 and funded by the Connecting Europe Facility, CONCORDA has been working on providing adequate connected services and technologies in terms of interferences and interoperability to help overcome fragmentation and ensure backwards interoperability between Cooperative-ITS services and the services harmonized by C-ROADS under real traffic situations.

The main objectives of CONCORDA are the following: Assess the performance of hybrid communication systems in terms of reliability and availability; Improve localisation services; Contribute to a new standard of evaluation of the existing standards such as ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) and C-ITS (Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems); Contribute to interoperability and continuity of services: the specifications (new or evolved standards) will be applied on all test sites according to the C-ITS Platform recommendations in order to guarantee the interoperability and continuity of services piloted in the CONCORDA project aiming at EU-wide interoperability of services; Cooperation with the European Commission, C-ROADS (a joint initiative of European Member States and road operators for testing and implementing C-ITS services in light of cross-border harmonisation and interoperability), SENSORIS (Sensor Ingestion Integration Specification), EATA (European Automotive Telecom Alliance), CEDR (Conference of European Directors of Roads), 5GAA (5G Automotive Alliance – 5th generation mobile networks) and NGMN (Next Generation Mobile Network).


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