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20 April 2021 - 22 April 2021
EUCAD 2021

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As innovations like connected automated vehicles (CAVs) disrupt mobility as we know it, new safety challenges will keep emerging. That’s why SAFE-UP is identifying future safety-critical scenarios to develop new safety systems that will protect car occupants and vulnerable road users (VRUs) – for EURO NCAP protocols.

The project is developing 4 demonstrators which will integrate active and passive safety systems:

  • Demo 1 will test new seating positions for highly automated vehicles. This demo is focused on highway safety critical scenarios and its final assessment will be carried out in the passive safety sled test facilities at IDIADA HQ.
IDIADA’s CTAG facilities
IDIADA’s CTAG facilities

  • Demo 2 will enhance the interaction between vehicles and VRUs under bad weather conditions and will be tested at the CARISSMA research and test center, part of the Technical University of Ingolstadt (THI).

CARISSMA research and test center

  • Demo 3 will integrate advanced intervention functions to avoid critical events.
Applus IDIADA facilities

  • Demo 4 will consist of a safety solution based on C-ITS to enable timely warning provisions.

Applus IDIADA facilities

SAFE-UP will also produce targeted education, training and awareness schemes for fostering the safe integration of automated driving functions.

The consortium brings together leading researchers, manufacturers and industry suppliers in automotive, connected and automation technology, as well as experts in road user safety and training.


Related works

Applus IDIADA – SAFE-UP project coordinator 

The final testing for SAFE-UP demos 2, 3 and 4, as well as the final event, will take place at Applus IDIADA HQ. The tracks that will be used for the testing can be seen below.

Applus IDIADA facilities

Applus IDIADA facilities

  • Vehicle-in-the-loop testing
    Vehicle-in-the-loop testing is a cost-effective solution that allows ADAS and Automated Driving systems development and validation in multiple complex or dangerous scenarios, with less requirements for proving ground resources (as it requires only simple tracks, with virtual targets), reduced logistical effort and guaranteeing high tests accuracy and repeatability.
  • CAVRide – an LV self-driving vehicle
    CAVRide is an L4 self-driving vehicle that meets the functional requirements necessary for the automation system to safely operate whilst maintaining overall car performance. This demonstrator vehicle is capable of predicting and understanding the environment to navigate within IDIADA’s premises without human input.

SAFE-UP’s future safety-critical scenarios will be designed and analysed in a highly automated and mixed traffic environment in the Aimsun Next traffic simulation platform.

TrustVehicle (Coordinated by SAFE-UP partner Virtual Vehicle)

This project focused on advancing technical solutions for automated driving to better assess critical situations in mixed traffic scenarios and even under harsh environmental conditions - increasing safety far beyond the current levels.


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