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20 April 2021 - 22 April 2021
EUCAD 2021

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Automated vehicles will be accepted by customers and society only when they will be deemed easy-to-use and fully reliable and safe regarding the planned manoeuvres and their execution. A key challenge is to ensure safe vehicles handling with reduced driver attention. Especially for level 3 automated driving systems, an effective interaction between the driver and the automated vehicle plays an important role. To act in harmony with driver expectations, these systems should be engineered following a user-centric approach. User acceptance is particularly important for the design of driver interfaces that will facilitate the transitions between human and automated driving. Moreover, the automated driving systems should be resilient to both system and driver failures and guarantee sufficient reliability and robustness in every situation in real world traffic.

The TrustVehicle project aimed to address exactly these challenges with the following systematic approach:

TrustVehicle vision: Turning a vehicle into a TrustVehicle - a vehicle which the end user can trust.

TrustVehicle mission: Developing technologies that work reliably and predictably to gain the end-user’s trust.

Altogether TrustVehicle focused on 4 different vehicle classes (passenger car, electric bus, truck and light-commercial vehicle) within 6 different use cases.


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