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20 April 2021 - 22 April 2021
EUCAD 2021

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Many cities have already started experimenting with AVs in Europe or are planning to in the near future. But AVs have yet to be implemented in local authorities' spatial planning. The PAV project takes a new approach and aims to stimulate the uptake of electric, shared AVs by developing green transport and spatial planning strategies that incorporate AV. To develop such strategies, local and regional authorities need to gain a deeper understanding of the potential paths of development, potential impacts, and chains of causality. By linking the insights from PAV research partners with the identified local challenges, opportunities and priorities of the local, regional and transport authorities, PAV partners will be able to develop strategies to steer the future arrival of AV efficiently and in line with local policy goals.

PAV brings together four local/transport authorities (UK, DE, NL and SE), four knowledge groups and four network organisations that will:

  • Develop and improve green transport and spatial planning strategies for the four participating local- and transport authorities;
  • Prepare a publicly available series of expert analysis on the socio-economic impact of AVs;
  • Create an open and scalable innovation community connecting cities, regions and knowledge providers on AVs;
  • Implement four urban/regional AV pilots integrated with other, existing transport modes.


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