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20 April 2021 - 22 April 2021
EUCAD 2021

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TransAID is a recently finished H2020 project investigating the effects of automated driving, esp. in areas where automation is reaching its limits. Besides modelling the behavior and impact of automated vehicles in such so called “Transition Areas”, the project also developed infrastructure measures to avoid negative impacts. TransAID revealed that infrastructure measures can drastically improve safety and efficiency in a variety of situations by using ITS-G5 communication and collective perception. This could be shown in simulation and real-world prototypes. Finally, a guideline and roadmap document summarized the required stakeholders’ steps to enable a smooth introduction of automated vehicles.

Video section

  • Video 1: The TransAID project: Infrastructure supports automated vehicles in critical situations TransAID develops and demonstrates traffic management procedures to enable smooth coexistence of automated, connected and conventional vehicles. The researchers are focusing in particular on transition areas where the automated vehicle hands over control to the driver. The project shows that supporting automated vehicles with infrastructure components in difficult situations drastically reduces negative impacts on following traffic.

  • Video 2: Several TransAID use cases have been demonstrated on the Testbed Lower Saxony in November 2020.

  • Video 3: Merging assistance for automated vehicles using smart infrastructure.

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