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20 April 2021 - 22 April 2021
EUCAD 2021

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The HEADSTART project will define testing and validation procedures of Connected and Automated Driving (CAD) functions including its key enabling technologies (i.e. communications, cyber-security, positioning) by cross-linking of all test instances such as simulation, proving ground and real world field tests to validate safety and security performance according to the needs of key user groups (technology developers, consumer testing groups and type approval authorities). The project aims to :

1) Create a dynamic catalogue of existing methodologies, procedures, tools for testing, validation and certification considering multi-stakeholder requirements ;

2) Harmonise the existing testing and validation approaches taking into account other industries and domains ;

3) Define and develop test, validation and certification methodologies and procedures for CAD functions building upon existing initiatives ;

4) Demonstrate the developed methodologies, procedures and tools through the testing of 4 CAD use cases;

5) Reach consensus by creating and managing an expert network of CAD testing to promote adoption of the project results considering multi-stakeholder needs.


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