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20 April 2021 - 22 April 2021
EUCAD 2021

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About us

The C-MobILE project aims to demonstrate C-ITS technologies in real-life conditions across 8 European regions based on a common interoperable architecture. Solutions are demonstrated over large areas in and around the cities of Barcelona, Bilbao, Bordeaux, Copenhagen, Newcastle, North Brabant, Thessaloniki, and Vigo. The large-scale deployment of these technologies can pave the way for a standard EU-wide C-ITS network.

Potential benefits are the possible reduction of the number of causalities on the roads, smoother traffic flows, shorter journey times and lower environmental impacts.

From an economic perspective, C-MobILE aims to improve transport operations and contribute to more sustainable activities and economies of scale. Transport technologies and infrastructure, primarily for the public sector, will also increase return on investment, while at the micro level, it will develop economically viable products, services and applications, which can be commercially exploited.


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