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20 April 2021 - 22 April 2021
EUCAD 2021

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About us

The main goal of ICT4CART is to design, implement and test in real-life conditions a versatile ICT infrastructure that will enable the transition towards higher levels of automation (up to L4) addressing existing gaps and working with specific key ICT elements, namely hybrid connectivity, data management, cyber-security, data privacy and accurate localisation. ICT4CART builds on high-value use cases (urban and highway), which will be demonstrated and validated in real-life conditions at four project test sites in Austria, Germany, Italy and at the Italian-Austrian border. ICT4CART adopts a hybrid communication approach where all the major wireless technologies, i.e. cellular and ITS G5, are integrated under a flexible “sliced” network architecture. This architecture will ensure performance and resilience for different groups of applications according to the needs of higher levels of automation. As part of the ICT4CART infrastructure architecture, a distributed, interoperable and cloud-based data management IT environment will be implemented to facilitate seamless and efficient exchange of data (in low latency), thus enabling real-time analytics. Cyber-security and data privacy are important aspects to address existing gaps. Novel localisation services, based on high precision GNSS supported by the cellular networks, will also be implemented and tested. For ICT4CART, standardisation is also of great importance, to ensure a smooth transition towards future technologies and interoperability between the architectural components and across geographic sites.


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