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20 April 2021 - 22 April 2021
EUCAD 2021

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Platooning technology has made significant advances in the last decade, but to achieve the next step towards deployment of truck platooning, an integral multi-brand approach is required. Aiming for Europe-wide deployment of platooning, ‘multi-brand’ solutions are paramount. It is the ambition of ENSEMBLE to realise pre-standards for interoperability between trucks, platoons and logistics solution providers, to speed up actual market pick-up of (sub)system development and implementation and to enable harmonisation of legal frameworks in the member states.

The consortium behind ENSEMBLE will implement and demonstrate multi-brand truck platooning on European roads over the next 3 years. The ENSEMBLE project is led by TNO and joined by: six European truck manufacturers: DAF, DAIMLER, IVECO, MAN, SCANIA and VOLVO Group. CLEPA, representing the suppliers of automotive equipment and components and will support research, innovation and deployment as drivers for industrial growth. Suppliers supporting OEMS: NXP, ZF, WABCO, Bosch, Continental, Brembo. ERTICO – ITS Europe - the crucial link to the European Truck Platooning Community. Knowledge partners: IDIADA, UNIV GUSTAV EIFFEL, KTH and VU Brussel.


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