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20 April 2021 - 22 April 2021
EUCAD 2021

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Currently, most heavy automated vehicles (HAV) require a human safety operator in the vehicle, and it is evident that HAVs without human “fallback” might be distant. At the same time, having a human safety operator in the vehicle jeopardizes major anticipated benefits of the automated driving transport efficiency and safety. To bridge this gap, stakeholders are exploring remote operation, which enables several HAVs to be remotely operated by one human operator. But remote operation comes with its own challenges, both from technical and human behavior perspectives.

The expected results of this project include:
a) HMI requirements for a remote operation center(what should the operator do, what should the HAV do, how they interact and cooperate),

b) an understanding of differences and similarities in the HMI requirements for different applications,

c) further development of existing remote operation center ICE (developed in a former national Swedish FFI project) in terms of novel HMI-concepts, and

d) knowledge on how many HAVs can be remotely operated by an operator. The consortium of this project consists of Research Institute of Sweden (RISE) and Scania, and the project is funded by Vinnova.  


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