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20 April 2021 - 22 April 2021
EUCAD 2021

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5G-MOBIX aims to match the benefits of the 5G technology with advanced Cooperative, Connected and Automated Mobility (CCAM) use cases in order to enable innovative automated driving applications, both from a technical and business perspective. 5G-MOBIX is executing CCAM trials along two Cross-Border Corridors (CBC) and six urban Trial Sites. 5G-MOBIX trials address five defined categories of CCAM use cases, which are aligned with the work of 3GPP: Advanced Driving, Platooning, Extended Sensors, Remote Driving and Vehicle quality of Service Support. The trials allow 5G-MOBIX to conduct impact assessments, including business impact and cost/benefit analysis, particularly in sparsely populated cross-border areas with mild market failures of mobile network connectivity. As a result of these evaluations and consultations with stakeholders on technical requirements and operational conditions, 5G-MOBIX will identify new business opportunities and propose recommendations and deployment scenarios to overcome challenges to cooperation, business, technical and regulatory innovations.


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