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20 April 2021 - 22 April 2021
EUCAD 2021

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After three years of intense work, the CoEXist consortium is glad to present its results and conclusions. The project enhanced modelling functionalities to include different types of Connected Automated Vehicles (CAV), including a comprehensive description of their potential behaviours (e.g., driving logics and default behavioural parameters).

CoEXist has also developed road infrastructure impact assessment tools to adequately interpret modelling results. CoEXist’s partner cities, Helmond (NL), Milton Keynes (UK), Gothenburg (SE) and Stuttgart (DE), tested these tools in several use cases, assessing the impacts of CAV on key aspects of urban mobility: traffic performance, space efficiency and safety. Results of these evaluations provided evidence for the opportunities of automation as well as for risks of a potential deterioration of urban mobility, especially at the initial stages of CAV deployment. These findings highlight the importance of proactive action from authorities to plan for this transition phase, and the need for further research and policy development.

Finally, CoEXist has developed an automation-ready framework, supporting local authorities in reducing uncertainties and building up their capacity to make structured decisions about CAV deployment. We hope that our project results will help urban mobility stakeholders to start a more informed planning process for cooperative, connected and automated mobility.



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